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Explanation (and it takes some...):

Back when I first got into fiction on the internet, I stumbled upon a place called The Palace of the Keys. On the most basic level, the Palace is an original fiction story exchange: within a preexisting 'verse, Person A creates a character fitting a certain theme, and then Person B takes the character and writes a story in that 'verse using that character. Nothing is ever that simple, though; the 'verse itself is that of a supernatural brothel, catering to a gay male clientele. Some of the stories have a BDSM component, some have a non-con component (though most of the longer stories have a happy ending eventually), almost all of them have graphic sex. Lots of sex, usually.

About two years ago, someone started up a miniature "game" (character creation and story writing). I generated a character and, despite asking to not be given one of the "hardcore" characters, I was given one that would require a BDSM component. (I wrote BDSM once upon a time, but I don't much anymore.) Que sera, so I started to write.

In one sitting, I composed an exactly 400 word fic and then stopped. Unfortunately, the minimum requirement for word length was 2500 (or multiple short stories, totaling at least 2500 words). I've been sitting on this thing for two years in the hope that I could write something else, but since the inspiration is sorely lacking, I'm just going to toss it up. Maybe I'll come back to it, but it's not likely.

So, in case you haven't been listening, warnings for BDSM, non-con, graphic imagery. You have been warned.

Character sheet can be found here.

Excrucior | NC-17 | 400 words | standalone )

A/N: Odio at amor. Excrucior. is Latin for "I hate and I love. It hurts."


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