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spoilers for "Amok Time", some dialogue taken from that episode; the rest of this should be posted sometime in the next few days

"I have a theory only, which Ambassador Selek will be able to confirm."

Part 1

Not Your Average Pon Farr Story | PG-13 | 1199 words | 2 of 4

Spock was able to convince Admiral Pike of the necessity of their detour to New Vulcan without having to reveal too much information, either about the captain's condition or its cause. Once they were on their way to the colony--only two point four six days away at warp three--Spock retired to the captain's ready room and put a call in to communications. "Lieutenant Uhura, please connect me to my father's residence on New Vulcan," he said, when her face appeared on the screen. She looked worried, but did not question him. They were still friends despite their break-up three years prior, and she knew Spock would explain it to her later if he deemed it appropriate.

"Spock," Sarek said when they were connected. "I did not expect a communication from you."

"There is a...complication aboard the Enterprise," Spock said. "I must speak to Ambassador Selek immediately, but I do not know how to contact him. I believe you are in communication with him?"

"I am," Sarek said. "May I inquire as to the nature of the difficulties you are having?"

"I cannot answer at this time, Father," Spock said. "I have a theory only, which Ambassador Selek will be able to confirm."

Sarek nodded once, sharply. "Ambassador Selek may be unavailable at this time, but I will attempt to contact him. Live long and prosper, my son," he said. He tapped the console in front of him, and Spock's screen went dark, the Starfleet logo appearing.

A few minutes later, Ambassador Selek's face appeared on the screen. He seemed worn. "Spock," he said, with an unVulcan-like warmth in his voice. "Your timing is fortuitous. I would not have been available a few days ago. How can I help you?"

"Captain Kirk is ill," Spock said, without preamble. He always found talking to his counterpart...uncomfortable, though the older Vulcan seemed perfectly at ease. "I believe it is related to his relationship with you."

"Relationship?" Selek asked mildly. "Jim and I speak only rarely."

This caused a surprising warmth to rush through Spock's body, but he ignored it. “Were you bonded to the Jim Kirk of your timeline?”

“Yes,” Selek said, a sadness passing over his eyes. “Until his death, much too young. What is the purpose of this query?”

"I know that this is something that Vulcans do not speak of, even among themselves, but the captain's life may depend on it." Spock took a breath. "Are you undergoing Pon Farr at this time?"

Selek did not bother to hide his surprise. "Why do you ask this?"

"C--Jim is currently experiencing symptoms I would identify as the onset of Pon Farr, if he were a Vulcan. He is not Vulcan, and he has had limited contact with our species. I had hoped that I would be spared the indignities of Pon Farr," Spock added, "but I can only assume that the captain's contact with you is causing this to happen. So, I ask again, are you experiencing Pon Farr?"

"I was," Selek said, and Spock raised one eyebrow. “At my advanced age and experience, it is possible for me to deal with the effects through meditation. I did so as soon as they began to manifest some weeks ago.”

“Then why is the captain still experiencing symptoms?” Spock said.

“Perhaps because there is not an actual bond between him and myself,” Selek said. “A healer would be able to remove the incomplete bond, which should end his symptoms. How far are you from the colony?” Spock told him. "Good," Selek said. "I will arrange for a healer to meet you when you arrive."

The next two point three days seemed infinitely longer to Spock, and impossibility but an accurate observation nonetheless. The crew did not ask questions--they were well-trained, and knew that orders were to be obeyed--but it was clear they were curious. Dr. McCoy, however, was not so courteous. "Spock, I'm his doctor, damn it. Why won't you tell me what's going on? Why are we going to New Vulcan?"

"It's a private affair, between the captain and an acquaintance of his that planet," Spock said finally, when the doctor's constant badgering was beginning to wear on even Spock's impressive control. "We will be in orbit around New Vulcan in a matter of hours. You, the captain, and I will do down to the surface to meet with a Vulcan healer, who will be able to cure the captain of his ailment. Then we will return to our original course. Is this acceptable?"

"No," McCoy grumbled, but he subsided in his harassment.

Three point five hours before they were scheduled to arrive at New Vulcan, Spock went to visit the captain, who had been placed in his quarters under partial medical quarantine at Spock's suggestion. He tapped in his override code and entered the dark, hot recesses of the captain's quarters. It was even hotter than Spock was comfortable with, and in the dim light Spock could not tell where the captain was.

Suddenly, there was a presence behind him, and then an arm around his throat. Spock could feel the captain's roiling emotions, the fire running through him. It called to something deep in Spock's soul, but he pushed it down. "Spock," the captain said, his voice hoarse. "You've got to get out of here. I...it's really hard to control my actions right now." He pressed himself to Spock's back and side, his erection against Spock' thigh, his face in Spock’s neck.

"I understand," Spock said. His father had once given him a book that contained an explanation of Pon Farr, a dry affair outlining the biological processes and the rituals his people had shrouded them in in the hope of giving themselves some sense of control over the situation. But Spock intimately understood losing control, and he was just Human enough to admit that it terrified him. "This ordeal will be over soon, this I promise."

"I don't understand," Jim said plaintively. “What’s happening to me?”

"It is not for me to explain," Spock said, and he knew it was unfair to his captain, his friend, someone he...cared for very much, but he could not bring himself to say the words. "The healer or Ambassador Selek will explain when we beam down to New Vulcan, if they deem it appropriate."

Jim pulled away, stalking to the far side of the front room of his cabin. He wrapped his arms around himself, shivering. "Old Spock? I thought he said you couldn't know about him."

"He told me that he allowed you to conclude that," Spock said. "I have limited contact with him, but his participation is necessary at this time." Spock backed toward the door. "I am needed on the bridge, and must prepare for us to beam down. I will return in three point one hours." Jim nodded, and Spock fled.

He stood outside in the corridor for two point eight six minutes, glad that there was no one to see him shaking slightly. That had been...unwise.

Feedback is better than chocolate.

Part 3
Part 4
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